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You want to be found online

Wellness websites and designs
You want to be found online, but you’re not sure how.
If you’re like most people, you don’t have a website. Or if you do, it’s a confusing mess of outdated information and broken links. It’s not getting the traffic it deserves either because search engines can’t crawl through all that clutter to find what they need to show in their search results.
my wellness project will help you build an SEO friendly site with clear keyword focused content so Google knows exactly what your business does and can rank it accordingly for relevant searches.
With our help, we promise that by the end of 30 days, your website will be easier for both customers and search engines to find than ever before! And best of all? The cost is just $450 to get started, and $69 a month for web hosting, SEO reporting, and content packs. Yup, that’s a deal worth getting your hands on!
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